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Much time has been taken up by planning a scheme of work without getting sidetracked and allotting timescales. Yesterday downloaded Mountain Lion to find that my Adobe photoshop  program no longer runs and scrolling on websites has become difficult so far to much time has been spent trying to sort out these issues. Apple these days is not the same as it was under Steve Jobs!

Whilst the very slow downloads were going on I have been researching mapping around the time of the Last invasion of Britain in Fishguard. Interestingly the French were much more advanced, the British producing some maps for military use, Ordnance Survey gives the clue. It is worth looking at the Cassini Family, four generations, who produced ‘The Carte de France’ which was published from 1750 to 1815. It consists of 182 sheets at the same scale, allowing the sheets to be joined together to form a physical map of about 39 feet high by 38 feet wide. These are beautiful, detailed and well drawn maps and shown in innovative ways on the David Rumsey website which allows public access to rare maps

sFrench Map 1790